Character in the Hotel Business.

Character in the Hotel Business.

Space Inspection.

When checking areas, the maid will certainly discover that the area is finish with adhering to necessaries: One bed, one foot covering. One shaking chair as well as 2 straight chairs. One composing table as well as a scrap basket. One cuspidor. One cabinet. One clothing tree or closet. One ice water bottle and also 2 glasses on a tray. If there is no washroom, or fixed cold and hot water, there has to be a commode, a laundry dish as well as a bottle, a soap recipe as well as tidy soap. One slop container, one chamber. 4 face towels.

If there is a shower room, one bathroom floor covering, and also bathroom tissue in the owner. One tiny mirror. One cake of bathroom soap and also 2 bathroom towels need to require. On the cabinet in every guest room need to be a box of safety matches as well as candlelight. Candle lights are so low-cost, as well as candle holders might be acquired for a trifle, which will certainly answer the purpose along with silver. No person has actually resid in hotels yet. Understands just how irritating it is to be left in overall darkness for half an hr, on account of a worn-out fuse, when they are clothing for the theater and also quickly to finish their bathroom.

  • There is no royal roadway to success for the resort staff, guardian, supervisor, or housemaid.
  • The resort organization is strange in numerous areas; it educates notably the fantastic relevance of personality.

The staff in the workplace with the space shelf before him has no perception of the spaces other than that they remain in the best order. Perfect order does not just suggest that the bed is nicely made, the flooring tidy and all the furnishings cleaned; soap, towels, suits, candle lights, and also glasses in their locations, however, every little thing should remain in excellent functioning order. Allow the caretaker’s assessment to start after that with the door. The lock needs to remain in order, as well as the essential job correctly.

It is awkward for the staff to need to pay attention in the early morning to such issues. “My door would certainly not secure, and also I was urged to press the cabinet before it to guarantee security.” Yet this “kick” is frequently listened to in excellent residences. The transoms next must obtain focus– see if they will certainly open up as well as shut. Next the electrical lights; need to all remain in order and also shed vibrantly.

The cabinet cabinets have to relocate easily, as well as be completely tidy. The home windows have to be very carefully taken a look at to see if they open and also close conveniently, and also they have to have no busted cables. A housemaid’s smart focus on this information will substantially help the staff in punctual solution to the visitors, as well as will certainly guarantee to the hotel the solution that will certainly be its very own ideal promotion.

Personality in the hotel Organization.

There is no inventive system that the housemaid might embrace to guarantee her success. Entering into a problem or staying out of it is mainly an issue of good luck, affect the type of assistance that she has the ability to protect. However, first and last, her success relies on her personality– her very own power, market, knowledge, as well as ethical well worth.

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경영진이 가정부에게 규칙을 제공하지 않을 경우, 그녀는 다음 사항을 안전하게 규정할 수 있다.
1. 메이드는 오전 7시에 출근해야 합니다.
2. 메이드는 방을 나갈 때 모든 문을 잠가야 합니다.
3. 메이드는 사무실의 지시가 없는 한 객실의 의자나 가구를 손님의 지시에 따라 옮겨 놓을 수 없다.
4. 메이드는 방을 잘못 보거나 빼앗긴 물건을 즉시 신고해야 한다.
5. 모든 오염된 린넨은 옷장에 보관하세요.
6. 여종업원은 홀에 더러운 린넨을 놓아 두어서는 안 된다.
7. 메이드는 하루 중 어느 때나 빗자루, 깃털 먼지떨이, 먼지떨이, 청소기 등을 홀에 두어서는 안 된다.
8. 객실에서 발견된 물품은 반드시 린넨실로 가져와야 하며, 해당 물품의 번호와 날짜가 기재되어 있어야 한다.
9. 객실과 문에 남아 있는 모든 키는 사무실로 보내야 합니다.

10. 접시가 담긴 쟁반을 방에 두면 하녀는 벨보이를 불러 헤드웨이터에게 알리거나 가정부에게 신고하도록 해야 한다.
11. 객실에 남은 잉크, 종이, 펜은 반드시 철망과 문구용 리시버에 넣어야 합니다.
12. 파수꾼들은 오후 6시에 신고를 해야 하고, 필요하다면 10시 이후까지 있어야 합니다.
13. 찢어진 이불과 스프레드는 리넨실로 가져와 수리해야 합니다.
14. 메이드는 남자 친구를 방에서 받아서는 안 된다.